Volkswagen Presents ID. GTI Concept EV


Volkswagen has unveiled an electrified Golf GTI at the IAA Mobility show in Germany. The battery-powered ID. GTI Concept is a prototype showing how VW will move the iconic hot hatch forward. The production version of the GTI will be based on the Modular Electric Drive (MEB) platform and is scheduled to begin production in 2027.

Leveraging the ID.2all concept that was presented earlier this year, VW changed propulsion strategy for the ID. GTI Concept by adding a front axle differential lock. Something that marks the current-generation GTI and that is key to its power delivery and dynamics. For the electrified version, the differential is made to handle the instant torque of the electric motor while delivering the traction control and dynamics of the Golf GTI and GTI Clubsport.

To accommodate the new power source for the ID. GTI, Volkswagen also changed the “I” in GTI from “injection” to “intelligence.” The Vehicle Dynamics Manager integrates powertrain and control system to an even greater degree than is found in the gasoline models. The setup of the electric motor and its system can be varied almost infinitely to customize power dynamics and delivery in both driver-controlled settings and on-the-fly vehicle dynamics controls.

With the ID. GTI Concept, it’s possible to adjust the drive system, running gear, steering, simulated shift points, and sound. VW includes potential modes such as mimicking historic GTI models like the 1976 version, the 1986 GTI Mark 2, etc.

Because of its light weight and low center of gravity, VW envisions the ID. GTI Concept could be both a street and track car. Specifications were light, which is typical of concepts, but include:

ID. GTI Concept
Length161.6 in
Width72.4 in
Height59.0 in
Wheelbase102.4 in
Storage volume17.3-47.0 cu ft
Wheels245/35 R20