Volvo and Danfoss Introduce New 24hr e-Truck Operations


Volvo has delivered three heavy-duty line-haul electric trucks to Danfoss, a Danish manufacturing concern. The trucks will operate on fixed routes between Danfoss facilities and at least one of them will operate 24 hours a day, five days per week without suffering significant charging downtime.

The 24-hour operations will be possible through fast charging, which will take place as the truck is loaded and unloaded. Danfoss has installed charging stations at its loading docks for this purpose. Before the end of 2024, Volvo will have delivered nine e-trucks to Danfoss.

The manufacturing company plans to reduce its scope 1 and 2 emissions in Denmark by 10-15 percent and to have improved driver and worker quality of life through the lower pollution and quieter operations of the e-trucks. Danfoss has signed Power Purchase Agreements for its sites in Denmark, so a substantial part of the power charging its new e-trucks will be sustainable.

The charging system in the Volvo e-trucks is manufactured by Danfoss itself. The On-Board Charger and Electric Power Supply (OCEPS) is a Danfoss product used by Volvo in its electric trucks. The system is made to charge from standard European outlets as an overnight charging options (43 kW) to minimize infrastructure costs for end users. DC charging is also accommodated, of course. The OCEPS is also a power takeoff unit for operating accessories such as excavators and wheel loaders.