Volvo Trucks Introduces Turnkey Solutions Option for EV Fleet Infrastructure

Volvo Trucks has launched a program to consolidate fleet management of electric vehicles. The Turnkey Solutions program integrates vendor procurement, services, parts, and products for EV charging. Including outlook planning for incentives, installation, and interfacing with utility providers for solutions streamlining in EV infrastructure development.

The new Volvo program manages all aspects of the process to develop charging infrastructure. Charging hardware, software, permitting, installation, and utility interactions are included as well as maintenance over time. From order to installation and operation, the Turnkey Solutions system streamlines the process and flags any incentives and grant proposals.

Full-service partners for the Turnkey Solutions system include InCharge Energy and Gilbarco Veeder-Root. The system is available to all Volvo Trucks North America customers. The system also pairs with Volvo Trucks dealers, allowing the infrastructure to precede EV truck delivery for fastest purchase-to-use turnaround.

The Turnkey Solutions system compliments the previously-used Vendor Direct Shipping launched in 2022, adding more capability and streamlining.