VW Group Promises 50 Battery-Electric, 30 Plug-in Vehicles by 2025

During the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany, the Volkswagen Group (VW, Audi, Porsche, etc) announced its Roadmap E. In what may be the most comprehensive electrification initiative in automotive, the VW Group’s plans include a fully electrified model portfolio by 2030, at latest.

Coming off of “Dieselgate,” VW and its subsidiaries have been working hard to turn its image around and shed the image of cheating pollution by introducing a bevy of electric and plug-in concepts and models. Now, the new Roadmap E plans are the most aggressive yet and VW seems bent on following through with them, given the number of model introductions with a plug that have recently been made.

The Roadmap E plans mean that every single Volkswagen Group models (about 300 in all) will have a hybrid-electric, battery-electric, or plug-in hybrid model inside the next decade and a half. That will require somewhere around 150 gWh of battery capacity per year by 2025 and the VW Group has already begun hitting that angle with a $60 billion investment in battery procurement and trade deals set for the next decade.

“We have got the message and we will deliver,” said Matthias Muller, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG. “This is not some vague declaration of intent. It is a strong self-commitment which, from today, becomes the yardstick by which we measure our performance. The transformation in our industry is unstoppable. And we will lead that transformation.”