Yokohama Introduces High-Performance EV All-Seasons


Yokohama Tire has introduced its first high-performance all-season tire specifically designs for electric vehicles. The ADVAN Sport EV A/S will be offered in ten sizes ranging from 18 to 20 inch wheel diameters. The tire officially goes on sale in January 2024 in the United States.

The Sport EV is the first tire to carry a new E+ badge, signifying it is compatible with electric vehicles. All Sport EV tires carry Yokohama’s standard warranty and an expected tread life of over 55,000 miles.

Highlights of the tire’s design include:

  • Long, reliable tread life is assured by the refined contact area, which equalizes the pressure distribution across the contact patch in high-torque EV applications to promote long, even wear.
  • Optimized ride quality is achieved by the maximized sidewall construction which enhances sidewall stiffness to produce responsive handling characteristics and a smoother ride.
  • All-season grip comes from the new all-season compound, which utilizes more silica and a proprietary mixing process to improve mileage and snow performance while keeping the reliable dry handling of the original ADVAN Sport A/S+.
  • Superior handling is attained by the performance shoulder which features outside shoulder blocks that are extra-large to enhance cornering.